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For your information, our latest Coronavirus Update is here

19/03/2020 16:05

It is in every business interest to have a continuity plan and we are keen to ensure a service is provided throughout the difficult times ahead. 

Drivers are advised to open & close doors for passengers, both at pick-up & drop off.

Drivers are advised to open the boot for passengers belongings, shopping & luggage but drivers may want to ask passengers to load their own belongings themselves, unless transporting elderly, disabled passengers. If drivers do handle passengers belongings, use hand-santiser immediately afterwards.

Drivers advised to keep hand sanitiser & disinfectant wipes in their vehicles at all times.

Drivers may wish to offer these to their passengers upon entering the vehicle. 

Drivers advised to wipe down door handles, window switches etc after every customer.

Drivers should take the opportunity to have a final wipe down of all communal area of their vehicle at the end of their working shift.

Passengers are advised to minimise contact in the communal area. 

To help social distancing, when travelling follow the advice of the driver. For example, you may be asked to sit in the back left hand seat if travelling alone. If more than 3 passengers travelling, a large vehicle would be required which will be charged at a fare and half rate. Please advise the staff of the number of people travelling when making the booking. All people travelling including babies are to be included in the number of passengers travelling. 

It is now manditory that all passengers must be wearing a face covering. If a passenger is not wearing a face covering, then the drivers WILL refuse to carry you. 

In the meantime, may we thank you for your continued support and assure you we have your best interest at all times. 


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